Mr Wagoo – Wagyu Beef

finest marbled beef

wagyu - cube roll

Mr Wagoo – Cube Roll / Scotch Fillet

Japanese: “Haw konnichiwa, Wagoo san. You’ve done it again – you’ve taken our best of Japanese bweeding to pack the famous Wagoo Beef.”

Mr Wagoo reply;-“Yeah Wagoo here – the people from the land of the rising sun named their best Wagoo beef after me – Mr Wagoo.”

So all you hot shots, big noters, high rollers, movers & shakers and hoi poi loi looking for the uber chic, latest, must-have Wagoo Beef … then this is for you. Full of protein for power, Mr Wagoo beef will give you more zest and bounce than an eager ninja. So grab your samurai sword and carve up a few slices for a feast to remember.

Wagyu - striploin

Mr Wagoo – Striploin / Porterhouse

Mr Wagoo - Wagyu Beef

Mr Wagoo – finest Wagyu Beef

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