delicious fresh lamb

Leg of Lambarrgini Boneless, Rolled & Netted 

Hi… Lambarrgini here. You usually see me at the hottest ticket functions around town – Awards Nights, weddings and big parties. You’ll often find me as the star billing at high class restaurants and 5 star hotels.

My farmer looks after all the Lambarrgini to ensure myself and the rest of the little Lambarrgini’s are in great shape. This includes lots of fresh air and a healthy diet of natural food – just remember you are what you eat, so the farmers don’t allow us any junk food.
Let me take off my lambs-wool jacket and i can show you what we have under there: gorgeous legs, boned & rolled – then slipped into a beautiful netted stockinette or maybe a bone in leg – on which you can rub a bit of oil and herbal enhancers. Juicy loins that can be dusted to spice things up a little – rib roaring racks in a sophisticated french style – slender shanks and a very cute little rump that’s tickety-boo.

You can grill me, roast me or even BBQ me – but please don’t burn me. Lambarrgini is better when left pink inside.

Lambarrgini Rump Denoodle 

Leg of Lambarrgini Bone-in, easy to carve

Lambarrgini Fillets Tenderloin

campbell lamb

Rack of Lambarrgini Capoff – Frenched

Eye of Shortloin

Lambarrgini Hind Shanks

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