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Campbell Lamb


Campbell Lamb

‘Lambarrgini’ – delicious fresh lamb

Campbell Lamb is often seen at the hottest ticket functions around town – Awards Nights, weddings and big parties. It also often has the star billing at high class restaurants and 5 star hotels. Campbell Lamb can be grilled, roasted or even BBQ’d and is better when left pink inside.

Leg of Lambarrgini Boneless, Rolled & Netted 

Lambarrgini Rump Denoodle 

Leg of Lambarrgini Bone-in, easy to carve

Lambarrgini Fillets Tenderloin

Eye of Shortloin

Eye of Shortloin

Rack of Lambarrgini Capoff – Frenched

Lambarrgini Hind Shanks


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Katie Campbell – Regional Sales Manager