Cow’s Hoof

Prime Beef – light marble

Wagyu - striploin

Prime Striploin / Porterhouse

Hi there …Cows Hoof here … Just letting you know that our beef is choc-a-block full of natural wholesome goodness. If you want a piece of me you’ll have to wait until I’m really prime.

It’s all about the wonderful lifestyle – plenty of sunshine, fresh air and lots of pampering. So get your friends together and experience Cows Hoof.

I have attached my CV (thought you might be interested)
Job experience: mowing lawns.
Nightlife: really wild out here … roos, foxes & wombats
Favourite TV show: the wrestling, just love the moves and holds.
Favourite rock band: Queen
Big night out: going to restaurants that serve sizzling steak – ooh especially with grill marks on the butt end of a Cows Hoof rump.

Yum – just divine.

Prime T-bone

Victoria Crossing young tenderloin

Prime Tenderloin / Fillet

Prime Cube Roll / Scotch Fillet

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